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Encaņizada La Torre
Encaņizada La Torre
Estancas de La Encaņizadas

Video about the origin of fishing, "Encaņizadas" of the Mar Menor video and interview with Mr. Sinforoso Albaladejo

Interview with Mr. Tomás Albaladejo explaining the origins of "Encaņizadas" of the Mar Menor

"Encaņizadas" of the Mar Menor


"Encaņizadas" of the Mar Menor: Fish Albaladejo recovered in the 1996 the most ancient fishery known in the Mar Menor, the ENCAÑIZADAS. In this year, the encaņizada known as La Torre start to work, after decades of abandon, with an administrative license. In the recovery of this fishery we have used the original materials as canes of bamboo. The principal season of caughts of the Encaņizada is the autumn, when there are big streams that enter from the Mediterranean to the Mar Menor, and the most common species are the sea bream, the sea bass or Ilobarro, and the mullet.

PESCADOS ALBALADEJO M/Vt "Francisco and Lucía": Continuing with the fishing tradition of the family, at present we are owners of .this fishing vessel (a purseseineror 'traiņa') with spanish government "cense to fish in the Mediterranean fishing-ground.

Video of the "Encaņizadas "of the Mar Menor. Interview Mr. Imanol Arias with Mr. Sinforoso Albaladejo.

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